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Drop Off Locations
Drop Off Sites limited to 50 Gallons per drop off and prices vary at a few locations.
Please call 404-333-8763 if you have more than 50 gallons.

Limited Time Offer:
Currently we will pickup the paint from your home for the same price as drop off.* Schedule a Paint Pick Up

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Search by zipcode to find all the Atlanta Paint Disposal partnered locations, There is no minimum required to drop off paint at a location we have partnered with.

Call 404-333-8763 if you have any questions or have more than 50 gallons.

Drop Off Service Prices and hours vary by location. If you have any questions please verify with the individual location where you plan to drop off your paint.

**Paint should be in the original container and should not be mixed with anything including other paint. All prices are based on the original container size and not the liquid volume in the container. Leaking containers and mixed paint will be rejected.

*Service area restrictions and minimum fee requirements apply.