Before and After, example of a commercial pick up.

We currently offer commercial pickup services in the state of Georgia primarily around Atlanta, Metro Atlanta, and the North Georgia area. If you have paint in the south, we'll get it.  $5 per gallon of architectural paint. All paint should be in its originally labeled non-leaking container and shouldn't be mixed with anything including other paint in order to be eligible for our program. *Minimums apply, transport fee may apply depending on where the paint is stored.

We have packed out paint rooms from Fortune 100 companies to Mom & Pop's. Some of those include hotels, sports facilities, amusement parks, hospitals, data centers, aquariums, office buildings, parking decks, new businesses, old businesses, painting contractors, paint stores, remodeling jobs, temporary/popup stores, the list goes on, everyone uses paint and eventually they need to properly dispose of it, so they call us. Call us at 404-333-8763.

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If your paint is located outside of our pick range we do offer freight service and can arrange delivery to our facility.