Fundraiser - How it works.





Once you register your group and confirm date details with our office. Spring and Fall are by far the most requested time slots and those weekends fill up early. Call 404-333-8763 to get started.



You will begin advertising your event immediately. Make sure that everyone understands there are fees and this is a fundraiser for your organization. If someone offers to help design ads insist on proofing them for necessary content prior to distribution.


Event Day

Typically 24 hours before your event we will deliver crates to your location for your group to neatly stack with the paint cans that you collect. As you collect the paint cans you will also accept payment per can collected.


After the Event

After the time of your event we will arrive and remove all the crates that have been loaded with paint. Once they have been counted down at the factory you will be invoiced for the amount of paint collected.


Your Money $$$

Most group will generally receive a dollar per paint can that they collect. Some groups have collected thousands of cans in just a few hours. You will be given a check for your portion based on the quantity collected after your invoice has been paid in full.



As long as you're organized, you promote your event, and you have a great team you'll do well.

References upon request!



Typical Events Most events run 4-5 hours on a saturday morning and can generate $800-$2,000 for your group. Success ultimately relies on how effectively you advertise your fundraiser.

Volunteer Group

Successful Events

High School Athletic Teams

High School Bands / Orchestras

Boy Scout Troops

Church Youth Groups

Church Mission Trips

School Environmental Groups

Keep America Beautiful Affiliates



It Basically Sales Itself

Good For the Environment

No Inventory

No Up Front Cost

People Want It!