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5 Gallon Bucket
1 Gallon Can
1 Quart
1 Pint
5 Gallon Bucket
1 Gallon Can
Quart Size
Pint / Sample Size


Latex Paint: Oil/Alkyd Paint & Stain:
5 Gallon Bucket x $20
1 Gallon Can x $4
Quart Size x $1
Pint / Sample Size x $0.50
5 Gallon Bucket x $30
1 Gallon Can x $6
Quart Size x $1.50
Pint / Sample Size x $0.75

We accept cash, check, or credit cards:credit card logos

Fine Print

Your information is kept private and not shared with 3rd parties.
Paint, E-waste, Shredding, and Tires should be easily accessible for loading, not covered in dirt and bugs, or rusty and leaking, or tires filled with water. All items should be curbside / garage side ready for pickup. We do everything we can to make sure you are happy with our visit. Once submitted to scheduling it does not guarantee that we will be able to pickup from your location as distance and quantity of items may prohibit transportation. We will contact you after receiving your information. We keep your information private. Shredding is performed by a third party company and may be subject to secure storage until the next scheduled shred date, typically no longer than 24 hours. We can provide a confirmation once your data is destroyed if requested. We accept cash, check, or credit card.



Is it water based? Look for these clues.

  • Water Soluble

Soap and Water Cleanup

Ingredient list includes "Water"

Warning Label does NOT mention anything about Fire.

Factory Packaged in a Metal or Plastic Container

  • Oil / Solvent / Alkyd Based

Cleanup with Mineral Spirits / Paint Thinner

Ingredient list may include "Linseed Oil"

Warning Label - Flammable, Combustible

Factory Packaged in a Metal Container


If you are still uncertain please feel free to contact us: contact page or call 404-333-8763


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Coverage Area

Typically we cover all of the Metro Atlanta Area and any other cities or rural areas as necessary. If you have paint in Georgia we'll get it.  *Minimums Apply




MazeWe never have a predetermined route for the week so call or email us to get on the schedule as we are constantly crisscrossing the state and you never know, we may be in your area right now.